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Ant Life Lounge
The perfect place to sit

Join in the immersive experience of art, sound and community at Ant Life. Pick a comfortable chair and stay for awhile. The lounge is a social space to relax, meet, connect and be present. Ant Life is the perfect place to sit. 

A selection of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are available.


Thursday - 6PM - 10PM

Friday - 6PM - 12AM

Saturday - 7PM - 330AM

Sunday - 6PM - 9PM

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Available for private events


2150 Market Street, Denver CO, 80205

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Events at Ant Life

  • A night of electronic music and dancing.


    15 US dollars
  • Join us to dance, relax, meet and connect.

    Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun

    15 US dollars
  • Sit with the art of Ant Life.


    15 US dollars
  • Integration, discussion and more.


    15 US dollars
  • Rent Ant Life for your own private parties and events.