Psychedelic Workshop

Deepen relationship to psychedelic (mind-manifesting) states using art and movement in a bi-monthly peer to peer group. We will explore the depths of non ordinary states of consciousness work to help process, create, and grow from psychedelic experiences. All experience levels welcome! We will use this space to connect, have fun, and take an internal adventure into the psyche. Kelsey has studied psychedelics and non ordinary states of consciousness since 2013. She has sat for cannabis journeys, breathworks, and for people in psychedelic crisis at music festivals and has been formally trained in psychedelic assisted therapy, psychedelic guide work, and as a holistic health practitioner. She studied at Naropa University and is a clinical mental health candidate at CU Denver. Hours: Every other Sunday from 5:00PM - 6:00PM After the event, you are welcome to stay at the lounge and socialize for as long as you'd like.